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Art Work Medium:

Acrylic on Masonite panel over plywood box frame.

Tom Sandonato 


April 6 - May 25, 2019

Artist Reception: Saturday, April 6, 6-8pm


For our spring 2019 exhibition, Themes+Projects gallery presents “Obscured,” new work by Tom Sandonato. This collection of mixed media paintings brings to life Tom's ongoing fascination with what lies beneath the surface. In a world consumed by a cacophony of words, symbols, politics, and religion, "Obscured" invites the viewer to come closer, peer past the facade, and discover the truth below.



The artwork starts with the discipline of a grid. Tom etches the surface of each panel with painted hash marks and builds depth by applying layers of acrylic paint, imbedding objects, chalk, wax and powdered pigment all on multi-ply wood box frames. At some points in creation, layers are removed and then possible reapplied, which expose the wood grain imperfections and create new textures. Some pieces take several months to complete, and others express themselves within a few weeks. Only when panels are coated with layers of cold wax, does Tom consider them done.




About the artist


Tom Sandonato, also known as the co-creator of kitHAUS, an eco- friendly pre-fabricated modular building unit, is a designer, builder, and artist living and working in Los Angeles. Born in New Jersey, Tom attended Ramapo College where he studied painting with Johanna Poussette Dart, McCarther Binion and sculpture with Jay Wholley.


Tom Sandonato

Upcoming Exhibition on view April 6 to May 25, 2019
Artist reception: Saturday April 6, from 6 to 8pm


07obscuredbyborders1_tomsandonato_themes+projects copy
05obscured by borders2_tomsandonato_themes+projectscopy
06obscuredbyborders3_tomsandonato_themes+projects copy

Cloud Cover #1

60" x 72"

Cloud Cover #2

60" x 72"

Small Talk

48" x 48"

Right Noise

60" x 36"

Left Spin

60" x 36"

Obscured by Clouds 1, 2, 3

each panel 48" X 48"


Obscured by Borders #2 (Diptych)

24x36 each panel

Obscured by Borders #1 (Diptych)

24"x36" each panel

Obscured Proof

24" x 36"

Obscured by Border (Diptych)

24" x 36"

Obscured From Sight



Cloud Cover #4

48" x 48"