Pavlina Ecclesiarhou 

Epitaphs | Silent Stories


I was initially drawn to dioramas found in Natural History museums, because of the dramatic tension between illusion and representation, the fake and the real, truth and fiction. The animals are lifelike, realistic, set in meticulously constructed idyllic environments, realities frozen in time, and most likely, already altered by now. It was later on, while reading their individual stories, that I understood that there was a sub text, what one sees when reading between the lines.


All of these animals, independently of their conservation status, are subject to the same imminent dangers; loss of habitat, repercussions of climate change, deforestation, poaching, all man created, all leading towards what is now being named, "The Sixth Extinction." The facts are overwhelming and frightening, demonstrating our most current contemporary problems of sustainability, loss of biodiversity, along with our collective responsibility as humans who are called to make difficult decisions on this precarious balance.


By presenting these monochromatic photographs of animals with hand painted and drawn interventions, I invite the viewer to stop, experience a moment of uncertainty, perceiving it as a photograph, or a painting, questioning perception and consciousness, and in doing this, re-considering the relationship of illusion to reality. I also invite the viewer to contemplate the silent stories of these animals and consider why they matter to us.


-Pavlina Ecclesiarhou


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Sizes available:

26"x36" (paper size), Edition of 10

36"x52" (paper size), Edition of 5

acinonyx jubatus. cheetah

Tragelaphus Imberbis

antelope cervicapra

Antelope Cervicapra

ateles belzebuth

Ateles Belzebuth

ateles monkey mama w child  ps 2
beatragus hunteri:hirola
bos gaurus
bubo scandiacus
canis lupus
ceratotherium  simum_ white rhino
cervus canandensis
colobus polykomos _ colobus
diceros bicornis
giraffa camelopardalis
hippotragus niger
litocranius walleri
loxodonta africana
mandrillus sphinx
nanger dama
odobenus rosmarus_ warlus jpg
pan troglodytes
panthera leo _ lion
pygmy owl
ruppell's griffon _ gyps rueppelli. _ vulturejpg
rusa alfredi_ visayan spotted deer
tragelaphus imberbis
tragelaphus imberbis: male

Pavlina Ecclesiarhou 


Exhibition on view April 5 to May 30, 2018

Artist Reception, Saturday May 5, from 6 to 8pm

Bubo Scandiacus

Bos Gaurus

Beatragus Hunteri/Hirola

Canis Lupus

Ateles Monkey Mama with child

Ceratotherium Simum

White Rhino

Hippostragus Niger

Diceros Bicornis

Cervus Canandensis

Giraffa Camelopardalis

Colobus Polykomos

Litocranius Walleri

Mandrillus Sphinx

Loxodonta Africana

Odobenus Rosmarus

Nanger Dama


Pan Troglodytes


Panthera Leo

Acinonyx Jubatus

Pygmy Owl

Ruppell's Griffon Gyps Rueppelli

Tragelaphus Imberbis/Male

Rusa Alfredi Visayan Spotted Deer