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Laura Hapka


Upcoming exhibition on view May 2 to June 27, 2020

Artist reception: Saturday May 2, from 5-8pm



Artist Statement

I create abstract paintings through the manipulation and layering of acrylic paint. I strive to produce work that stretches the definition of painting using a novel, construction, deconstruction and reconstruction process. My paintings are composed of hand-painted acrylic that is altered once removed from an encaustic surface. The acrylic is then layered, to add dimensionality and increase intrigue, onto the final surface.


My abstract paintings are driven by my unique process and motivated by themes of self-awareness, both as an artist and individual, expression of emotions and worldwide interactions with nature. Each theme represents a force that has impacted my life and makes me who I am: Laura Hapka, artist.



About the Artist

Unique in intention and complexity, the work of abstract artist Laura Hapka is a byproduct of her life experiences and creative experimentation. The sum of the two portray her genuine appreciation for artistic process. Post graduate school, Hapka traveled the world and continued to take classes in various aesthetic styles and mediums. Through several years of exploration with acrylic, and numerous iterations later, she developed and cultivated her unique technique. Her practice and style has generated industry recognition and a fast-growing reputation.


Laura established a deep connection to the land early on as she grew up on a potato farm in Northern Minnesota. Her relationship to design and nature is evident in the art she creates. Hapka lives and works in Oakland, California, and applies all three of her degrees in Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture, and Master of Business Administration to her artwork.


Mustard & Charcoal

20 x 16 inches

Acrylic, Encaustic, linen on panel

Two Blues
36 x 36 inches
Acrylic, Encaustic, linen on panel

Two Reds
48 x 36 inches
Acrylic, Encaustic, linen on panel

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