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Duncan Whiteman 



Natural forces and most recently human hands have independently helped sculpt our planet and on occasion in collaboration revealing a symbiotic relationship through engineering, design and aesthetics.


As a creative artist I am interested in the translation of that aesthetic in human terms, forms extracted from the environment, their energy and rhythm captured in colour and line on canvas. Our home planet earth offers such an abundance of life wherever we look with no natural boarders and endless variety, in sharp contrast to the political landscape. It is an inspiration and invitation to enjoy its rich tapestry as nature dances with colour and light.


Beyond the Pixel takes my creative journey full circle that began with a brush and pencil and evolved to include software programming and digital animation; research that looked for ways to facilitate creative producers in film and television, far removed from the analogue process of crafting your vision by hand. Every brush stroke is tactile and considered, pigments mixed by hand and eye and composition an expression of the human condition; the ritual is almost timeless.


When we stand in front of a painting, its immediacy brings us as close to its origins and creator as we are likely to get. We connect and engage with its expressive range, attempt to uncover its meaning, appreciate what it is to be human and alive in a digital age. Paintings can still do what the pixel can’t or at best only imitate, it also lacks humanity.